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Boudin Linkster
Dr. C. (aka the Godfather of Boudin)
This project sprang from two friends' commitment to enjoying the subtle differences found in all the boudin of South Louisiana. Early each Saturday morning they ventured out in one or the other's car, usually with the boudin hound in the back, eagerly anticipating their early morning link. Today, Dr. C. can be found driving the back roads of Louisiana, ever in search of a new link, with his family and his trusty Rhodesian Ridgeback. The analysis of the various links of boudin is based on experience and passion.

During the week, Dr. C. is a professor of History at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  He has written several articles on boudin and is currently working on a book length treatment of the subject.  In addition to his work on boudin, Dr. C. works with various historical associations and museums and he has written a book on the urban farming during the New Deal.  His latest culinary venture is the Cracklin Trail; a website devoted to gratons.  He along with his wife also coordinate the annual Boudin Cook-Off and a Bread Pudding Taste Off.

The Boudin Link strives to provide fair and accurate reviews of all the boudin that it encounters. The vision for the site was to provide some guidance on finding good links across Louisiana and beyond. That vision remains as the driving force behind the site.

The road ahead is still filled with tasty links. Some people get to drive to them. Some people have to have them shipped. Let's celebrate boudin!!
If you like the site, have a suggestion, or think we messed up we're interested in hearing about it!

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