Benoit's Country Meat Block
Benoit's in Addis Louisiana
Inside Benoit's in Addis Louisiana
This place is well stocked and ready to go.  Bring a cooler and load up.  Next time I'll be sure to try the smoked boudin.  You should too.

Boudin Close Up
Check out the interior of this well-crafted link.
Ambiance: A delightful meat shop/butcher block not too far from Baton Rouge.  The freezer cases are filled with a wide assortment of tantalizing meats and prepared dishes from gumbo to spaghetti sauce, shrimp stuffed mushrooms, and hot tamales.  They even have an extensive selection of party trays.

Location:  7251 Hwy 1 South, Addis, Louisiana 70710 (there is also a St. Francisville location)

The Boudin

Price: $3.19 lb
Presentation:  The link is cut into pieces, wrapped in butcher paper, and readied for the eating.
Casing: A crisp and tight casing.
Meat/Rice Ratio: More rice than meat? Perhaps.  It is a close 50/50 ratio for sure.
Texture: A dryish filling of pulverized meat and rice.
Spice: Mild in the heat department.
Overall Flavor:
The flavor of this link includes a noted hint of liver.  With small bits of green onion and a pulverized interior, the dry filling offers a significantly salacious sensation to your senses.  It is darn good and darn satisfying.  Would I serve it to my momma?  Yes.  
Comments:  According to the Benoit family, if they can't eat it at home they will not sell it.  That is certainly a good approach to the food business and there are others that could follow that bit of wisdom.  You may have to put in a special order for their famous "Hock and Cock Stew."  Smoking over 1,000 pounds of meat per day keep them plenty busy.
Overall Rating = A-
Reviewed February 2008
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