Cajun Hollar Boudin

Price: .2.69 for 12oz.
Presentation:  Shrink wrapped in an industrial strength capacity.  Found in the meat/sausage case.
Casing: Thin and almost unbreakable.  Reminds one of Tyvek.
Rice/Meat Ratio: More rice than meat.  It is marketed as a "rice, pork, and pork liver product".
Texture: Gluey with bits of undercooked rice, lots of parsley, and small bits of seemingly processed meat.
Spices: Mild
Overall Taste: Not very good.  A strong parsley flavor is present throughout the link.  The tiny bits of pork are reminiscent of what one would fined in canned/pressed meat.  It is hard to describe: Not offensive, but not especially tasty.
Comments:  The CORPORATION that makes this has a whole line of "established brands."  Perhaps they ventured into unknown or unfamiliar territory when it comes to boudin.  A Cajun stuck between Houston and San Antonio, somewhere around Flatonia, might appreciate this link.
Reviewed March 2007
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