Cormier's Specialty Meats
(Jennings, LA)
Spicy (left) and Jalapeņo (right) links of boudin from Cormier's

Cormier's Specialty Meats

The young man behind the counter is an friendly and helpful.

The spicy and jalapeņo versions were ordered for the review.
Ambiance: A solid specialty meat shop selling an impressive selection of specialty meats. If you're lucky the wonderful smells emanating from the smoker will hit you when you get out of your car.  In addition to the specialty meats (of which the smoked brisket is highly recommended) they're selling a number of their own branded seasonings, large jars of jalapenos, and other goodies.
Location:1310 Elton Rd, Jennings, LA 70546 -- (337) 616-8242
The Boudin
Price: $3.59 per lb.
Presentation:  The links (mild, spicy, or jalapeno) are ready in a warmer.  Be warned: each link weighs around a pound.
: The casing is on the thick side and it is rather elastic.  Much better for squeezing than snacking.
Meat/Rice Ratio: It seems like there is more meat than rice though the ratio is fairly close to even.
Texture: The spicy link is on the drier and pastier side, but it is filled with pulverized meat and the rice is cooked perfectly.
Spice: Medium/Hot
Overall Flavor:
   Over the top!  A darn good link.  A fresh and clean flavor that is accented by just the right amount of spice.  It is a hearty link with green onion and all the flavor you could ask for.  The Jalapeņo boudin uses nacho style jalapenos (we wish they'd use fresh jalapenos) and seems to derive most of its heat from the jalapenos.  It is milder than the "spicy" link, but provides a nice warmth.  The link is every bit as good as the spicy version and may even be better. There is no liver in this link and they cook the pork in the smoker (though it is wrapped in foil so it is not really "smoked").
Comments: This was a pleasant surprise and we recommend you give them a try.  They're not too far off the interstate and the workers are friendly.  The kids tried the mild link and they loved it.  It had all the attributes of the other links without much/any noticeable heat. 

Interior picture of the "spicy" link.

Interior picture of the jalapeno link.

Overall Rating = A+
Reviewed April 2011
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