DJ's Boudain - Beaumont, TX.

DJ's claims to be "For the Seasoned Diner" whatever that means . . . . (the elderly?).
Ambiance: N/A

Location: Sold in grocery stores, mini-marts, and at functions in the East Texas area.   Made in Beaumont, TX.

The Boudin

Price: Varies by location.
Presentation:  In the vac bag.
Casing: Thin - can be rubbery - will depend on cooking.
Meat/Rice Ratio: More rice than meat.
Texture: Kind of pasty but possessing a nice moist filling.
Spices: HOT!
Overall Flavor:  A decent link of boudain.  It has a discernable black pepper flavor and the underlying jalapeno gives flavor as well as heat.  Lots of parsley and some noticeable green onion pieces throughout.  The "processed" quality of the meat  lacks appeal.
Comments:  The best of the Texas commercial brands yet.  However the processed quality of the meat, probably necessary for shelf life/stablization, leaves a lot to be desired.

Overall Rating = B+
Reviewed January 2008
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