Dave's Quality Meats
Location: 804 E. Dale St., New Iberia, 70560

Ambiance: A small frame building on a side street in New Iberia.  Not the most inviting part of town.  Dave's sells a wide variety of other food and meat products.  They are especially popular for their stuffed breads; filled with boudin, crawfish, sausage, and other fillings. There is a large work area directly behind the counter where employees are busy preparing all types of meat products.  The smell of hot cracklins is intoxicating upon first entering the establishment.
Cost: $2.49 lb.
Presentation: Served in a noticeably thin piece of butcher paper and placed in a plastic bag at the register.
Casing: The casing does not easily break when bitten into.
Rice/Meat Ratio: More meat than ricet, but it is a close ratio. 
Texture: A soggy filling surrounding firmish bits of rice.  This creates a unique and interesting texture.  The limp pieces of green onion have the consistency of having been sautéed/overcooked.
Spices: Mildly warm.
Overall Taste: Soggy and salty.  A strong liver taste.  This is not the best tasting boudin.  Although there seems to be a little more meat than rice, the rice is not enough to overpower the pungent liver taste.

Initially thought to be an attempt at a low-carb link, the Linksters have been set straight and now understand that this is just a regular link.. It is much darker than other boudins.  Not likely to be a fan favorite, but it does possess a certain appeal for those who prefer a darker and more livery flavor.
Dave's Quality Meats
Reviewed on 2/14/04
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