Don's Specialty Meats (Carencro and Scott)

In Scott - 730 I-10 S Frontage Rd, Scott, LA 70583; 337-234-2528 Hours: M-Sat 6-7pm, Sun 7-6pm

 In Carencro - 104 Highway 1252, Carencro, LA‎ -
(337) 896-6370 Hours: M-Sat 630-6pm, Sun 7-4 pm

Inside the Scott Location - Lots of happy boudin lovers lining up!

In the Scott Location - They need a lot of machinery to keep warm the huge amounts of hot boudin they're serving every day.

More happy employees at the Carencro location.  Have to say: the workers at Don's are always jovial and helpful.

\Don's Specialty Meats Boudin
This is the original photo we took of Don's boudin back in 2004.

That is some meaty boudin!

The Boudin
Cost: $3.59 lb
Presentation: Wrapped in butcher paper and placed in a brown paper bag at the register.
Casing: Moist, yet breakable.
Rice/Meat Ratio: Excellent.  More meat than rice.  Good meat without much grease.
Texture: The rice was well cooked and not broken into bits.  It retained its form.  Meat appeared in small pieces providing a good feel and some body. Bits of green onion throughout add to the color of the product.
Spices: A subtle mild spiciness.  The heat from the red pepper grew after each bite but was never "hot."
Overall Taste: Darn good link of boudin.  Excellent pork taste.  Moist but not wet.
Comments: We recommend this spot without hesitation.  They also offer a wide variety of other food products. The beef jerky was excellent and the cracklins are first rate.  UPDATE:  We checked out Don's again this weekend and found them to be every bit as good (perhaps even better) as when we first reviewed them back in 2004.  Remember, we've also done a special review of their pork sandwich because we found it THAT good!
Don's Specialty Meats Worker
She's got the boudin by the handful.

Ambiance: In Carencro Don's sits next to Interstate 49 on the way out of Lafayette. It is a busy place that stands alone off of the service road.  The parking lot is always full of cars, particularly in the morning as people stop in for a pork chop sandwich or a link.  They also sell a variety of meats prepared on the premises including stuffed pork chops, sausage, and bacon-wrapped chicken breast.  The staff is friendly and helpful.
In Scott Don's also sits next to the interstate (this time Interstate 10).  It is a bright modern store with plenty of seating and lots of delicious distractions.  It is a must stop.
Overall Rating = A+
Reviewed 2-7-04
Updated in July 2011
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