Fremin's Food and Furniture
Location: 603 F West Admiral Doyle Drive, New Iberia, LA 70560

An amazing place in an amazing town.  This is, quite possibly, the only place around where you can buy a link and a lamp at the same location: Fremin's effortlessley combines food and furnishings.  You can also buy fireworks (in season) and giant color banners from a state-of-the-art banner-making printer.  Yep.  Fremin's has it all, including some great boudin and other outstanding prepared foods.

Cost: $2.79 lb
Look near the deli for a heating unit with links wrapped in aluminum foil.  Or, during some hours you can get it from the hot food offerings at the food counter.
Casing:  Excellent.
Rice/Meat Ratio:
More rice than meat. 
Texture: Slightly moist with a nice mix of firm rice and pulverized meat.   
Overall Taste:
Delightful and satisfying to the boudin loverís soul.  This is one good link.  There isnít anything unique here, just good, down-home, true boudin in a casing.  Yum. 

Comments: Freminís is a local tradition and the owners take great care in the products they make.  They bill themselves as "your local cajun supermarket and furniture store," and they may just be the only one's combining the two.  The current owner, Ross Fremin, carries on a retail tradition that dates back generations.  Satisfaction is guaranteed.
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Fremin's Food and Furniture