Judice's French Market & Deli
Location: 3005 7th Street, Port Arthur, TX 77642
Ambiance: A hustling and bustling neighborhood store that seems to draw people from throughout the region for their hot plate lunches. It's a busy place filled with locals and it exudes all the charm one would hope to find in a place with such a curiously outfitted artistic representation of the founder, who, I'm told, was lovingly known as the "Crazy Frenchman." Viva La France!! And, Viva La Boudain!!


Price: $2.49 lb
Presentation: Make your way to the food station in the back and you'll be able to jockey for position and place your order. 
Casing: This nice casing is sure to snap to your bite. 
Rice to Meat Ratio: More rice than meat
Texture: Some of the palletized rice is undercooked and the link is a bit on the pasty side with a decent amount of pulverized and ground meat. 
Spices: The "Spicy" variety is hot, but not sadistically hot.
Overall Taste: This is a flavorful link with a distinct and delicious onion essence.
Comments:  A nice little neighborhood store attracts lots of people for their plate lunches.  Pop in and give them a try.
Reviewed January 2007
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Judice's French Market and Cajun Deli