Hebert's Specialty Meats
Location: 8212 Maurice Ave.  Maurice, LA 70555

Ambiance: Hebertís is on the outskirts of Maurice, a town known for its strict enforcement of speed limits.  This is a bustling specialty meat market famous for their stuffed chickens.  At any given time the work area behind the counter is filled with young men stuffing and sewing chickens and/or putting together ke-bobs with chunks of meat and vegetable.  They also have freezer cases with a variety of home-made products like meat or crawfish pies and fresh sausages.
$2.59 lb.
A bit rubbery yet still breakable to the tooth.
Rice/Meat Ratio: 
Simultaneously meaty and ricey.
The rice is ground up and intermingles with the crushed meat. With the rice being ground and the meat being pulverized this creates a particularly mild and smooth texture.
Hot.  A lot of heat at the end.
Overall Taste: 
Excellent.   A black-pepper flavor is distinctive, but by no means overpowering.  Nice swine flavor and nice rice flavor.  Not at all greasy.
Thanks to Beth Green for this recommendation.  With an nice location just south of Lafayette, Hebertís is worth a little trip for the boudin and to pick up some specialty meat.  Try it.  Youíll like it.
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Reviewed on 3/6/04
Hebert's Specialty Meats