Joyce's Supermarket
Location: 1620 S. Main, St. Martinville, LA

Ambiance: A sprawling store with a huge meat case strategically located in the back of the store.  They've been in business for over 25 years and have perfected the art of welcoming their customers.  St. Martinville is a nice historic stop along the back roads of S. Louisiana and is well worth a stop on its own.  Every tourist should also make their way to this supermarket to  gain an insight into what can happen in a Louisiana sausage kitchen when people love their job.

A very strange saying coupled with a unique sign.

Over FIFTEEN different types of sausage: I kid you not.  They even have a tropical sausage with pork and pineapple and a pork and apple that the Brady Bunch would've loved.

How seriously do they take their food production?  The owner explained that this Toro rice is special breed which is a long grain rice that cooks like a medium grain rice.  There's a lot of history and plant science to all this: The long and short of it (pun intended) is that you get some great rice in your dishes at Joyce's.
The Boudin

Price:  $2.89 lb.
Presentation: Tightly packaged with plastic wrap.
Casing:  Unexpectedly nice.
Rice/Meat Ratio:  More rice than meat.  
Texture:  The filling is dryish but not in a bad way.  The ingriedients are completly pulverized except that you will come across a nice chunk of tender pork every bite or so. It makes for a delightful surprise.  Virtually, but not actually, no greens.
Spice:  A mild to medium heat .
Overall Flavor: You may or may not slap your momma, but you'll certainly be pleased with this quality link of boudin.  
Yes, this link has some nice flavor, but it  finishes with a lightly sweet taste.  The dryness is a good thing: Not too greasy.  It is also a good size link that baby bear would approve of.  
Comments:    I cannot say enough about the sausages and the hospitality show at this place. I'd like to seem them change their motto to "Where Sausage is King, and Queen, and Duke, and Jester." They've got some creative juices going on when it comes to making sausage.  Just some of the varieties available on our trip were: Pork Sausage with Apple, Tropical Pork Sausage with Pineapple, Bar-B-Q Beef Sausage (with sauce), Hot Beef Sausage, Chicken and Shrimp, Churice, Deer Sausage (with deer from New Zealand), and the list goes on.  Oh, and the plate lunches start at $3.88 and look fantastically awesome.  Eat them.  Eat it all.  
Joyce's Boudin in St. Martinville

Awesome case of stuffed and bacon-wrapped everything.  A truly taste tempting selection of fantastic items, many not seen anywhere else.  They will be copied but they will not be beat.
Overall Rating = A-
Reviewed July 2007
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