(Lafayette, LA)
This place used to be Bruce's U-Needa-Butcher, but it changed hands and the new owner named it in honor of his friend, and the  former owner, Kirk. 

Friendly? - Yep!

Perhaps what makes the link so good it all the flavor of LA they put in it.  Their proprietary seasoning blend promises "The Great Taste of Louisiana in a Can."
AmbianceA classic small corner store that has been serving the local community with butchered meats for decades.  With bars on the windows and front door this can be an intimidating place.  However, inside the warm and welcoming staff will accommodate your every need.  They prepare a wide range of interesting meat products including stuffed turkey wings and tripe.  The meat case is well stocked and the new owners have a standing commitment to return this iconic store to its former glory.  They're well on their way. 
Location: 713 Surrey Street, Lafayette, LA

The Boudin, er, BOUDAIN
Price: $3.39 per lb.
Presentation:  It is kept somewhere in the back, but when it arrives it'll be steaming hot and snuggly wrapped in butcher paper.
: The casing is thin and breakable, but it is mostly chewy.  Perfect for squeezing.
Meat/Rice Ratio: Significantly more meat than rice.
Texture: Meaty and moist.  The rice is fully intact with long grains complimenting the meaty texture of this link.  There is no green pepper and no onion.
Spice: Mild
Overall Flavor:
   A rather wonderful--back to basics--link of boudin.  This generations old recipe does not include green pepper or onion and the owner notes that it makes it a unique flavor with more consistency.  Honestly, I thought I'd miss the onion and green p., but the link really stands on its own.  It is heavy on the meat and tasty all around.
Comments:  We're glad that this store continues the tradition of  the U-NeedA-Butcher recipes and friendliness. Give them a try.  We think you'll like it.

Known for years as Bruce's U-NeedA-Butcher, Bruce was Kirk's Father In-Law.  Krik took the place over a few years back.  When he passed away his friend, Blake Gallet, bought the place to keep it running and he renamed it after his dear friend Kirk.

Overall Rating = A
Reviewed December 2011
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