Nick's Grocery
Location: 3149 39th Street, Port Arthur, TX
Ambiance: A tough little store with a dilapidated sign out front.  Friendly, if guarded, the staff will guide you through their many meat and sausage creations with enthusiasum.

Price: 2.69
Presentation:  Double-wrapped in two HUGE pieces of thick butcher paper.  Get it at the meat counter in the back.
Casing: Goodyear would be proud of the rubberyness of this casing.
Rice/Meat Ratio: Perhaps 75-80% rice.
Texture: In addition to being mostly rice (much of which is granulized), the link is excessively moist and loose.  It has tiny bits of pork and some minute bits of pork liver.
Spices: Mild to medium.
Overall Taste: Not offensive, but the consistency leaves a lot to be desired.  The pork could be confused with small bits of chicken breast and the distinction is hard to make based on flavor because of the liquid that serves as a lubricant for the meat and rice.  And, it is packed with parsley.  You can't avoid it.

Comments: Hmmmm.  Their boudin has won numerous blue ribbons from various boudin/meat contests and you can see the ribbons on the wall behind the meat counter.  I don't doubt that they have won, but I'm not sure what precise contests these have been.  At any rate, the folks behind the counter are extremely nice and extremely proud of their boudain and their other meat products.
Reviewed January 2007
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Nick's Grocery