Broussard's Supermarket (aka NuNu's)
Location: 113 Espasie Dr Milton, LA 70558
Ambiance:  If you make your way to Broussard's you’ll officially be "off the beaten path" and that’s a good thing.  Quite and peaceful is the best way to describe Milton.  If you want to really give them a good laugh go in and ask how to find NuNu's (people in the know understand that NuNu is Mr. W. Broussard's nickname and that Broussard’s Supermarket and NuNu's are one in the same).  Inside you'll find a truly family-run business: Virtually everyone working in the place is some type of relative.  This is what it is all about.  They call themselves "The Supermarket with Small Time Flair & Specialty Meats with Big Time Taste" and we can attest to the fact that the meat case/specialty meats are spectacular!

$3.29 lb.
Presentation: A boudinlink first: A protective shell is formed around the link(s) with two Styrofoam rectangles and the shell is then wrapped in plastic.  You can take it fishing with you and the water will never break through the seal.
Casing: Snappy.
Rice/Meat Ratio: Perhaps a smidgen more rice than meat.
Texture: You’ll find a lot of different textures in this link.  Yeah, you might find a bit of fat and a bit of liver, but if that scares you then you shouldn't be eating boudin in the first place.  Lots of green onion throughout and you can see the specks of red pepper sticking to the rice and meat with a delicious juice.
Spice: Hot and spicy
Overall Taste: A decidedly “rich” boudin flavor reminiscent of the way locals have been eating boudin for generations.  The link’s flavor is enhanced with the use of NuNu's own secret Cajun seasoning blend and they don’t skimp on it.  This link has it all going on.
Comments:  You’ll find a new sign on the front of the store than the one pictured here.  You’ll also be able to shop at a new location in the coming months.  Broussard's . . . . er NuNu's  . . . . . is expanding to Youngsville.  And, based on what I saw of the new smoker they’re getting, you can expect some fabulous smoked meat products.  Right now they do their own custom smoking in a smokehouse out back.  "Dave" is NuNu's resident boudin craftsperson.  Ask if he's around and he'll give you the lowdown on his current batch of links.
Reviewed on Spring 2006
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