Po-Man's Sausage Kitchen
("Near" Rayne, LA)

The Po-Man Himself

The Po-Man's smoker.

The Po-Man's vintage hand-cranked sausage stuffer that has been in use for over a generation.

Inviting like a box of warm doughnuts.  Only it is BOUDIN!
Ambiance: This is what it is all about.  I'm not sure how many of these places are left (though we did find this one other here);  a small sausage kitchen set off from a residence in the country.  We just happened upon this spot and were lured down the private dirt road by the sign pointing to the Po-Man's Sausage Kitchen.  He sells medium size boxes of jerky, sausage, tasso, boudin, deer sausage, and the like from his own private kitchen.  Great, Great, Great.  --- Go, give'm a try. 
Location: "One Mile North of Hawk's Restaurant"  [Yes, that is the address on the business cards.] If that doesn't mean anything to you, you should be looking around Robert's Cove, Louisiana.
The Boudin
Price: $2.40 per lb. but he sells the boudin only by the 5 lb box ($12).
Presentation:  The Po-Man keeps the boxes of frozen links in his freezer and there are three sections of boudin inside the box.
: A nice and thin casing.  So, depending upon how you prepare the link, the casing can become nicely brittle or just right pliable.
Meat/Rice Ratio: More meat than rice (if when you say meat you simply mean swine).
Texture: A smooth texture with the swine finely ground along with the rice.  Both of them come together with a nice moistness.
Spice: Medium
Overall Flavor:
   Old world flavor.  Just as you would expect and, in many respects,--I think--just as you would hope for from a place like the Po-Man, he is making it the traditional way; the way your father or your father's father enjoyed their boudin out in the country.  Good stuff with lots of soul.
Comments:  I believe all our carnivorous friends should do themselves a favor and head out to try some of sausages and smoked meats being made out here.  He has a loyal customer base of locals and folks from Houston and New Orleans too.  It is a short drive from Lafayette, but the reward is huge.  Bring cash.

Hearty links and at a bargain price.

Nicely colored and flecked with spices.

Overall Rating = B+
Reviewed July 2011
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