Location: 3015-A Main Hwy, Breaux Bridge, LA 70517

Ambiance:  In the heart of Cajun Country, Poche's sits next to the bayou and is a little off the beaten path, but not too far off.  This is a nice facility offering a wide range of specialty meats and regional spices and sauces in their market area.  The stuffed chickens are especially enticing.  Poche's has been serving the people of this area since the 1800s and they are famous for their plate lunches and their Sunday BBQ dinners.  Don't miss the chance to eat an entire meal here in their open and comfortable dining area. 


Cost: $2.69 lb.
Presentation: Pulled from a steaming pot of liquid and wrapped in a piece of “Poche’s” wax paper then placed in a white “Poche’s” bag at the register.   Not the traditional presentation.
Casing: Excellent.  Breakable and easy to consume.
Rice/Meat Ratio: More meat than rice.
Texture: Tiny bits of green onion and noticeable, but small, pieces of yellow onion.  The meat is of the pulverized consistency and the rice has a firm center.  It has an appealing texture leaning toward being a little mushy.
Spice:  Hot
Overall Taste:  A discernable rice flavor and a distinctive zest that is difficult to identify.  This is a hot link of boudin, but we would not say that it is too hot.
Comments: Poche’s is a place to take the whole family.  It boasts a beautiful setting next to the bayou and serves up a link of boudin that will satisfy the harshest boudin critic in all of us.  We're used to having our boudin from a rice cooker, but here it comes out of a black pot (no complaints.)
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Reviewed on 2/22/04