Rees Street Market
Location: 241 Rees Street, Breaux Bridge, LA

Ambiance:  A nice little store on the main drag headed in to Breaux Bridge.  It is on the right side of the street for a stop to pick up supplies before heading into the famous Crawfish Festival, and you are sure to be welcomed by the friendly staff.  
Rees Street Market
Rees Street Market Inside
Rees Market Sausages
The meat cases are filled with enticing meaty delicacies.
The Boudin

Price:  $2.89 lb.
Presentation: Wrapped in the ye'old butcher paper.
Casing:  Quite fine.
Rice/Meat Ratio:  More rice than meat.  
Texture:  A dry filling that is completely pulverized and offers tiny bits of green onion throughout but not all over.
Spice:  A nice medium heat component with both black and red pepper.
Overall Flavor: Yes, this link has some nice flavor, but it  finishes with a lightly sweet taste.  The dryness is a good thing: Not too greasy.  It is also a good size link that baby bear would approve of.  
Comments:    While the name of the store has changed, it used to be Champagne's, the boudin recipe has not.  From what we've been told, the new owners make it the way it has always been made at this charming little market.  Give it a try.  The fresh sausage selection is also enticing with a nice looking chicken sausage among the various recipes they've perfected.

Rees Street Market Boudin
Overall Rating = B+
Reviewed July 2007
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