Rod's Thrifty Mart
Location: 745 S. Main Street, Church Point, LA

Ambiance:  A full fledged supermaket in  the middle of town.  Rod's is what Rod's is.  This is where the people of Church Point do their shopping and they probably sleep better at night than the ones who head of to Waltonian-Mart.  Where else can you have a kindly woman in a sparkling white apron shuffel into the back of the store to retrieve a freshly packed, hot, link of boudin? 

Price: $2.89 lb
Presentaion: Lovelingly brought from the back of the store on a piece of styrofoam covered with plactic wrap.  You might not see the hot bouin out front, so be sure to ask for it like the locals do.
Casing: Semi crisp/semi stringy.
Texture: Sort of dry.  Sorty of ricey. 
Spices: Mild
Overall Taste: A touch on the bland side.  Rather heavy on the rice and rather skimpy on the juice.
Comments: We double checked to make sure that Rod is making his own boudin and, indeed, he is.  So, stop on in at the supermarket when you need a fix, but don't make this the only link you sample in Church Point. 
Reviewed on September 2005
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Coach T finally found what he's been looking for:  a home pack of natural hog casings for making sausage.  Sweet!!!
Rod's Thrifty Mart