Ronnie's Boudin and Cracklin
Location: 9830 Florida Street, Baton Rouge, LA
Ambiance: The smell of fried chicken wafts through the air as you walk in.  They don’t even make fried chicken, but the scent of the glorious bird seems unmistakable.  In a building that was probably a fast food place a generation ago, you’ll step into a place ready to sell you a variety of hot-on-the-spot delicacies such as boudin, crackling, boudin balls, and meat pies: Plus, they have ample indoor seating.

Cost:  $2.99 lb.
Presentation: Yanked from a giant rice cooker, wrapped in buther paper, and wrung up (all in one continuous motion it seems).
Casing:  Not too crisp, not too rubbery: just right.
Texture:  A meaty mixture with several different meat components (meat, gristle, fat).  Very little rice and no easily discernable onion or other greenery.
Rice/Meat Ratio: Much more meat.  The limited rice is pulverized.
Spices:  Medium
Overall Taste: Meaty and tasty with a slight black pepper tinge.  However, the experience is compromised by too much gristle and too many large chunks of fat. 
Comments: A good stop in Baton Rouge, Ronnie’s offers a whole lot of different stuffed meats and sausages (including deer sausage).  They are a great place to pop in for a hot snack and you’ll probably gain some friends by bringing a box of their boudin to the game.  Oh, and the cracklin are awesome and come in a seasoned and unseasoned variety.  Not sure why you’d want the unseasoned, unless you’re packing your own “Slap Ya Mamma.”
Reviewed on November 5, 2006
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Ronnie's Boudin and Cracklin