Eunice Superette &Slaughter House
Location: 1044 Highwya 91, Eunice, LA 70535

Ambiance:  An old timey feel exudes from this slaughter house and superette.  A "superette" for those of you who don’t know is "a grocery store with some of the self-service features of a supermarket."  What slaughter house, for those who don’t know, is . . . . . . well, let's just say that you may actually hear the squeals from the boudin and if you ask real nice they may just bring you back to see a part of the operation that many folks would rather just read about.  Suffice it to say that there is plenty going on at this elaborate and busy slaughter house.:
Cost:  $2.79
Presentation: A young man who knows plenty about band saws will serve you up a link and wrap it in butcher paper.
Casing:  Middle of the road.
Texture: Full of stuff loosely chock-a-block into the casing.  Sort of pasty with plenty of wiggle room for the rice and stuff.  Small bits of meat possessing an odd reddish color freckle the entire link.
Rice/Meat Ratio: More rice than meat product.
Spice: Mild
Overall Flavor: Folks who like boudin “the way it used to be made” will like this one a lot.  It is rich and complex with various pork parts contributing to the overall tang.  It is hard to put one’s finger precisely on it, but a certain “sweetness” comes either from the pork liver or, perhaps, according to our celebrity sampler, parsley that has begun a light fermentation.

Comments: You will love this place a full service slaughter house and butcher who has every type of meat cut known to man and some only know to those living in Eunice.  In this outing the Linksters were followed by a journalist and a photographer.  We had a blast and learned a lot about composing photos and writing food stories.
Reviewed on April 2007
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Eunice Superette
Special Guest - Mary Tutweiler from the Lafayette Independent joined the Linksters.  She is one smart cookie and she sure knows her boudin.  Here she contemplates the deep flaovrs of the Superette's link.