Tony's Seafood
(Baton Rouge, Louisiana)

Just a smattering of the delicacies you can buy at Tony's Seafood.

It's all about ball.

The hot foods, including the boudin and boudin balls, are served cafeteria style.
Ambiance: WOW!  This place is impressive.  Tony's Seafood is, essentially a destination.  In addition to a huge fish market (where they have a tank of live catfish which they will skin and prepare right in front of you) and hot foods deli, and store selling all sorts of prepared seasonings and frozen specialty foods, this place has a huge factory attached that produces the famous Louisiana Fish Fry brand of dried seasoning blends for cooking, gumbos, cobbler's, fish fry, and sooooooo much more. Worth a stop for sure.
Location: 5215 Plank Road, Baton Rouge, LA  St. John Street, Lafayette, LA 70805
The Boudin
Price: $3.29 lb.
Presentation: You'll get your link at the hot food end of the store and they'll put it in a Styrofoam container.
: A bit thick and rubbery.
Meat/Rice Ratio: More rice than meat (though the ratio is pretty close to even).
Texture: Moist with plenty of whole grains of rice, pieces of onion, and mashed pork.
Spice: Mild
Overall Flavor:
   This is a good link, but not a great link.  The seasonings are not complimentary and, while there is a lot of meat, id doesn't have a meaty taste.
Comments:  This place has it all and is totally worth a stop when you're in Baton Rouge or just passing through town.  They do a huge lunch business, a huge crawfish business, and a huge fresh fish business.  Check them out.  And, check out the assessment of their boudin ball below.

A close up shot of the interior of Tony's boudin.

They sell a huge number of these boudin balls, partly because they're so tiny.  They're about a quarter of the size of a regular boudin ball . . . . and only about a 10th of the size of the giant boudin ball at Mike's Country Corner in Duson.

These are cross sections of the regular boudin ball (4 for $140)and the seafood boudin ball.  Neither was particularly good.  They're so small that the interior dries out and the thick coating overpowers the boudin inside.  C-

Overall Rating = B-
Reviewed November 2010
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