Trahan Foods
Location: 601 N. Arenas St., Rayne, LA  70578
Ambiance: Jump on in to this micro store in the heart of the Frog City!  They make good use of all their space.  It may feel a little cramped, but it also feels like people who care are taking care of the shop.

Cost: $2.89
Presentation: You may have to ask for it.  A worker will go to a back room and take care of the packaging which includes being wrapped in plastic (yuck!).
Casing: Snappy.
Texture: Mostly full grain rice that may be a bit on the undercooked side with a dryish filling of pulverized meat marked with plenty of parsley and greens.
Rice/Meat Ratio: Even amounts of rice and meat.
Spices: Hot.  Medium Hot, not too spicy.  We ordered the "spicy" version (it comes in a mild version).
Overall Flavor: Well worth a stop.  A charming link from a charming store.  Plenty of pork, plenty of rice, plenty of spice . . . . . There is a lot to like here.

Comments: They make their boudin in batches on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so if you want it same-day fresh thatís when you should head to Trahan's.
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Reviewed May 2007
Trahan Foods