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Location: Made in Texas.

Ambiance: Since this product is purchased at a variety of stores including Walmart and Sam's Club, and  in different states, the "ambiance" is hard to nail down.

Heated for about 10 minutes in some simmering water.
The Boudin
Price:  Varies. (as low as $2 per pound).
Presentation: Vacuum packed and stable on the shelf for quite some time.
Rice/Meat Ratio:  More rice than meat.  
Texture:  Undercooked rice provides some "bite" to the pasty texture which is tightly packed into the casing.
Spice:  Mild to Medium.  There is some heat.
Overall Flavor: An off-putting, kind of sweet, smell hits your nostrils before the link hits your tongue.  There is a distinct black pepper tasted and an almost overpowering parsley punch to the pallett.  In fact, parsley very much defines the flavor of this link.  The meast is of the processed, pelletized, variety common in corporately, mass produced, boudin/boudain from Texas for chain stores.  Not fantastic but not horrible.
Comments:  They claim that this link is "heart healthy" (maybe that's what's wrong with it).  In Louisiana there is no reason to be eating a link that is not from within the state.  If you're outsiide of the state, it is recommended that you come back to eat your boudin.

Overall Rating = C+
Reviewed November 2007
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