Paul’s Meat Market and Grocery in Ville Platte, LA = A- B- Rated Boudin


Ambiance: On a highway headed out of town to the south, Paul’s is a meat market/fuel stop. The first thing you’ll likely notice is the sweet aroma of smoked meats, and you are, after all, in the smoked meat capital of Louisiana here in Ville Platte. We stopped in the day before Thanksgiving and it was bustling. It was clear from the number of workers to the elaborate meat offerings that this place is a full-tilt operation of meaty success.

Location: 1319 Chataignier Rd, Ville Platte, LA 70586


A hearty portion of Paul’s “soft” boudin. We rate it an “A-”


This is a link of the “chunky” boudin. We rate it a “B-”


Price: $3.59 per link.

Presentation: Butcher paper overkill is the wrapping of choice here. They’ll also ask if you want it sliced.

Casing: The casing on the “soft” link is flexible while on the “chunky” variety it seems thicker and sturdier.

Meat/Rice Ratio: More meaty protein but the ratio of pork to rice is fairly close to even.

Texture: The texture of the “chunky” variety is surprisingly dense and rubbery. The flavors are okay, but the texture is less about chunks and more about compactness. It is hard to explain, but the link really feels tightly packed like a rubber ball. The “soft” recipe is more finely ground, looser, and juicier.

Spice: Mild/Medium

Overall Flavor: Each ink had a clean ricey and pork flavor punctuated by a “just right” complex of spices. The “soft” variety is more perfectly blended in both texture and overall flavor. It is much better than the “chunky” variety. The “chunky” link is less spicy and the denseness of the link tastes less like chunks of meat and more manufactured.

Comments: Our preference here is for the “soft link.” Both are good, but the “soft” one has more of the texture expectations that our pallets appreciate.


Looking for smoked paunce? They have it by the box load!!!


Reviewed November 2012