Bayou Boudin and Cracklin in Beaux Bridge, LA = A Rated Boudin

Boudinbldgoutside BBoudininside

Location: 100 W. Mills Ave., Breaux Bridge, LA 70517

Ambiance: A curious place. The little building dates to 1869 and they’ve been churning out boudin and cracklin for seventeen years. They also rent charming cabins right along the bayou, have campgrounds, and offer swamp tours. There are plenty of tables inside and plenty outside and this is a good thing. You will want to start eating this boudin as soon as it is handed over the counter to you. To say that the proprietors are friendly would be an understatement.



Cost: $2.89 lb.

Presentation: Placed in a paper “boat” along with a piece of wax paper.

Casing: Quite possibly the most perfect casing: crisp but not too brittle.

Rice/Meat Ratio: More meat than rice.

Texture: Not too juicy not too dry. The filling, consisting of mashed meat and well-cooked rice is tightly packed into the casing. Crunchy bits of green onion punctuate the smooth pork and rice. Louis David of KATC accurately pointed out that the link has a bit of a “squishy” texture.

Spices: Mild/Medium. Well seasoned but not highly spiced. Louis David ruminated upon the link being “just right. . . not too peppery.”

Overall Taste: A truly delicious link. Although darkly colored, the liver and pork are perfectly matched. Your taste buds will sing a song of delight. It is clear that plenty of lean pork goes into this one. In addition to commenting upon the “boudin-like” taste, Louis David surmised a distinct green onion flavor.

Comments: This is the place!! It is warm and cozy and it serves delicious boudin. If you venture out with a non-boudin eater (perish the thought) they can order the eggs with pork smoked sausage and beignets. Keep in mind that you will be in good company: Merle Haggard, Hank Williams Jr. and Hunter Hayes are devotees of this establishment and their pictures grace the walls. You will love Bayou Boudin and Cracklin and you will find their boudin irresistible.


Louis David joined the Linksters on this special and memorable outing.

Reviewed on 1/20/05