Billy’s Boudin and Cracklin in Opelousas and Scott, LA (Review of BILLY’s Recipie) = A+

Billysoutside Location: 904 Short Viine, Opelousas, LA 70570Billysinside

Ambiance: A steel building close to Interstate 49. Their primary product is boudin (Billy’s Boudin and Ray’s Boudin). They do sell snacks, drinks, cracklin (excellent), some smoked sausage and a few other things, but boudin is really what this place is all about. A sparsely decorated interior is befitting of the inner-small town setting. They are no-nonsense group and you’ll have to wait in line for a bit as this is a very popular place to stop for a link or two. Oh, and they even have a drive-through boudin window . . . . . AMAZING!!


BillysboudinCost: $3.29 lb in 2005 = $4.69 in 2014

Presentation: Cut up in pieces, placed in a paper boat along with some saltine crackers, and then into a white paper bag, stapled closed with some napkins tucked in the fold. Very nice.

Casing: Moist and breakable.

Rice/Meat Ratio: Equal amounts of rice to meat.

Texture: Juicy but not too juicy. Somewhat loose and definitely on the “chunky” side. You will know that you are eating pork. Some mastication is necessary and this is a good thing.


A drive-through boudin window!!

Spices: Hot. Wonderfully hot.

Overall Taste: The excellent flavor of this boudin begins with it’s delightful bouquet (It smells good.) You can actually smell the rice and pork intermingling in the steam pouring off the link. It boasts and excellent porky zest. While it might initially appear greasy, the juice is not too much and it is not off-putting. At the same time it is certainly a rich and filling link.

Comments: Here is what you need to know: Some years back Ray sold his business to Billy. Now Billy makes two boudin recipies: Billy’s Boudin and Ray’s Boudin (SEE UPCOMING REVIEW). In order to further confuse things, Ray has re-entered the boudin business and is, once again, selling Ray’s “Original” boudin at another location (SEE UPCOMING REVIEW). There is, from the looks of it, a veritable “Boudin War” going on in Opelousas. Don’t get caught in the crossfire, but do eat the boudin.


Reviewed on 2/12/05