Bourque’s Superstore in Port Barre, LA = A+ Boudin



Location: 581 Saizan St., Port Barre, LA 70577


Ambiance: We know what makes Bourque’s a “Super Store:” It is that EVERYONE in the place is super friendly. “Hello” “Good Morning” “How Ya Doin?” “Welcome” From the customers to the staff, this was one friendly place. Maybe it is the Jalapeño Sausage Cheese Bread? Who knows? Who cares? Beyond the happiness factor, this as a bustling independent grocery store with a thriving kitchen. Oh, and keep an eye out for “The Boss” he’s everywhere. Maybe “The Boss” is who makes everyone so happy.


Price: $2.99 lb Bourquesonplate

Presentation: Get back to the MEAT counter and it’ll be pulled from a steamer, placed on a piece of Styrofoam, and wrapped in plastic wrap.

Casing: Not a dry and crisp casing (which is preferable), but still breakable. A good compromise casing that allows for squeezing or breaking.

Rice/Meat Ratio: An almost even balance. Perhaps more rice than meat: perhaps not.

Texture: Lots of rice (in bits) holding together a well-packed link. It has both tiny pieces of meat and some pulverized meat.Bourquescloseup

Spice: Medium Hot

Overall Taste: Fantastic! You will have an immediate burst of flavor punctuated by a subtle, but noticeable, green onion taste which is absolutely delicious. Ideally juicy. Everything comes together in this link. It is too easy to scarf two or three of these babies in one sitting.

Comments: Bourque’s is an interesting place. If you’re driving up I-49 from Lafayette you’ll see a giant billboard for the store, but it is quite a ways off of I-49. The whole place seems like a shrine to Adolph“The Boss” Bourque. He’s the president of the store and his stern looking image is all over the place (from the signs outside, to the carpet at the doorway , to the grocery bags). You can’t miss “The Boss.” His granddaughter (or was that his great grandaughther?) even rang us up at the register. Anyway, it is definitly a family affair. We’ve never come across a grocery store that has an official “Sgt. At Arms,” but Bourque’s has one: ask for Mona. Oh, and DON’T leave without trying the jalapeño sausage cheese bread. It is gooooooood.bouquesinside

Reviewed on 8/24/06