Chadeaux’s Cajun Kitchen in Kinder, LA = A Rated Boudin

Chadeauxs6 Chadeauxs2

Ambiance: More meat market/kitchen than gas station, Chadeaux’s proclaims to be putting the “Kind” back in Kinder. That may very well be the case. They’re making some awesome smoked sausages and, judging from the time spent in the store, it is definitely the place to see and be seen in Kinder.

Location: 1440 Hwy 165, Kinder, LA 70648.


Chadeauxs3 Chadeauxs1Price: 3.29 lb.

Presentation: Behind the busy meat counter your link will be selected and nuked for your dining pleasure. They’ll cut if for you if you plan on eating it there. Or . . . . buy it by the 10 lb box and take it with you.

Casing: The casing is thin and crisp and still breaks away even though the link is cut into pieces.

Meat/Rice Ratio: More rice than meat, but there is a decent amount of pig flesh in the link.

Texture: Dryish with mostly large pieces of whole grain rice and totally pulverized meat.

Spice: Mild

Chadeauxs4 Chadeauxs5

Overall Flavor: A rather simple flavor, but it is done right. the green onions really shine and, overall, the fresh clean flavors of the pork and rice come through. The Smoked Link is heavily smoked, dryer, and posseses a unique smoky goodness all its own.

Comments: I can’t wait to get back to Chadeaux’s and see what else they might be cookin up.

Reviewed March 2009