Chop’s Specialty Meats in Broussard, LA = A Rated Boudin

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Location: 1019 Albertson Parkway, Broussard, LA, 70518

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The only “Master Butcher” in all of Acadiana. Well, that’s what they tell me.

Ambiance: A spotless, full service, specialty meat shop in a new building on the outskirts of Broussard in an area that is quickly becoming developed with commercial, industrial and residential construction. They carry a wide selection of specialty meats and specialty items that sound and look absolutely mouthwatering: stuffed quail, turporken, stuffed or injected Cornish hens, chicken in a blanket . . . . the list goes on. They also have a hot short-order menu for on-the-spot eating. You’ll be welcomed with a warm greeting.

THE BOUDIN Chops Specialty Meats_5

Cost: $3.99 per lb in April 2013 ($2.89 lb. in 2004)

Presentation: As is traditional: wrapped in a thick piece of butcher paper and paid for at the register.

Casing: Perfect!

Rice/Meat Ratio: More meat than rice.

Texture: A bit dry. While there is more meat than rice, the rice is not overcooked so the grains are a significant and appreciated part of the texture profile of this link. The meat is of the pulverized type and all the ingredients are tightly packed into the casing.

Spices: Medium/Hot

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Overall Taste: Delicious and satisfying. Intense boudin flavor in every bite. The use of cayenne in the boudin is noticeable and it marvelously brings out all the other flavors. This is a great tasting link and it will not last very long because you’ll eat it so fast. Perhaps the most perfect blending of flavors in any boudin we’ve tried.

Comments: In addition to being a delicious link, this is also an exceptionally good looking link of boudin. It has a pleasing red color (probably from paprika and cayenne). Perhaps the sensory combination of a good looking and great tasting link is what makes this such a great product. Try it. We know you’ll like it.Chops Specialty Meats_4Chops Specialty Meats_1

Photos Taken in 2004




Reviewed on 8/28/04 – Updated 4/6/13