Commander’s Palace in New Orleans = A++ Boudin Item

Commanders Palace Pig and a Peach

The Commander’s Palace’s “Pig and a Peach” Appetizer.

Pig and a Peach – Abita root beer braised pork belly over Cajun boudin with a put-up peach, local honey, and smoky trotter au jus.

—- Let’s begin by saying that this appetizer dish ($12) was phenomenal. After the meal was over, the consensus was that this was the best thing we ate (and that is high praise). Individually the different components were delicious, but a bite with a little of everything took you to a very wonderful place. The peach, in particular, rounded everything out. Fantastic!!!

When it comes to the BOUDIN, and the role the boudin plays in the dish, you have to see it as contributor to a really successful item. As you can tell from the picture, the boudin is not in the casing. In fact, the pork belly sits on top of what is best described as a “puddle” of boudin. I say puddle because it is quite a bit looser than what you’d typically find in a link. It also has a slight rosemary flavor to it. It works here (boy does it ever), though I think one would find the flavor “odd” if the boudin were served in a traditional manner.

No criticisms. If you’re interested in what a place like Commander’s Palace is doing with boudin I’d suggest you give this a try. Their menu changes rather frequently so you might want to inquire as to whether it is going to be available. — They also serve boudin at lunch but I don’t know if it is the same recipe as the one in this dish. The Pig and a Peach came from the dinner menu (March 2011).


Commander’s Palace – 1403 Washington Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70130-5798
(504) 899-8221


The main dining room at the Commander’s Palace (photo from the restaurant’s web page).

Reviewed March 2011