Cormier’s Country Store in Cankton, LA = A Rated Boudin



 Ambiance: This country store is a wonderful place to shop for Cajun specialties. The folks who work there are really nice and the meats looked fresh and delicious. It really is a country store. There isn’t much else going on out there between Scott and Sunset.

Location: 792 Main Street Cankton, LA 70584-5926 – (337) 668-4467



Price: $3.59 per lb.

Presentation: The links are bathing in an au jus from which they are fished out of, plated in a clamshell, and cut in half (the cutting is optional).

Casing: Springy and not easily broken. Better for squeezing.

Meat/Rice Ratio: More meat than rice. Lots more meat.

Texture: Really wet and juicy with lots of shredded pork. The filling literally spills out of the casing.

Spice: Hot – not too hot, but it has some heat.

Overall Flavor: Spectacular. This link is packed with meaty goodness and is accented by a delicious green onion flavor that is clean and crisp. There may be a tad too much juice. The au jus bath is unusual, but the results are great.

Comments: This place is worth a shot. The link is meaty and was described as being like a plate lunch in a casing. I say YUM!



Reviewed February 2011