Crescent Pie & Sausage in New Orleans = A Rated Boudin




Fancying up a link of boudin with Creole Mustard and some pickles seems to be a New Orleans thing.

Ambiance: A small and classy neighborhood type restaurant serving super high quality food with an emphasis on Cajun, but venturing into other delicious items (meat pies, duck pies, great pizza pies, gourmet mac-n-cheese, homemade potato chips . . . and more). The best thing about them is the food casings that are made from hog. They are all natural. Dog friendly too on the outside porch. The whole place just feels right.

Location: 4400 Banks Street, New Orleans, LA 70119

THE BOUDINCrescent_Boudin3

Price: $4 for one small link (see picture to the left). Order it off the appetizer menu.

Presentation: The link is grilled and served with a couple of pickle slices and a dollop of ground mustard on one of the restaurant’s colorful plates (of which they have an eclectic array).

Casing: a crisp casing when the link comes to you right off the grill.

Meat/Rice Ratio: More meat than rice. Enough rice to satisfy your grainy desires, but this baby is packed with meat.

Texture: A moist filling with tremendous amounts of juicy and tender mashed pork. The meat still retains some texture and the rice is not over cooked. Not a lot of onions or peppers, but I did find a HUGE piece of cooked yellow onion in there. It was a pleasant and tasty surprise.

Spice: Medium

Overall Flavor: Fantastic!!! The little grilled link you’ll get is packed with flavor. The meat has a smokiness that envelopes the entire link and provides a toothsome treat that will make you want to keep this appetizer all for yourself.


The Jambalaya was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!

Comments: Awesome. The whole experience here is great. All the food was fresh, hot, and tasty and the boudin is among the best we’ve ever sampled. A nice find. Thanks for the tip Lorin Gaudin.

Reviewed April 2010