Jerry Lee’s Kwik Shop in Baton Rouge, LA = A- Rated Boudin



Location: 12181 Greenwell Springs Rd., Baton Rouge, LA 70814

Ambiance: Jerry Lee’s has the precise ambiance of a place that spells Quick “Kwik.” If that isn’t enough for you, then I can also reveal that you can buy most of the necessary fixins before the big game here and that includes ready-to-go boudin, sausage, ham, and chili dog poboys. They’re a happy bunch of guys and they’re churning out whole mess-O-boudin for the folks in Baton Rouge.



Price: 2.99 lb

Presentation: Plucked from a warmer and wrapped in a thin sheet of aluminum foil.

Casing: A little on the thick side.

Rice/Meat: More rice than meat.

Texture: Loose rice bound together with starch and meat. Very much like rice dressing in a casing. Limited amounts of green onion and onion are almost imperceptible except to the trained and well honed eye.

Spices: Medium/Mild

Overall Taste: Flavorful: A valiant entry from the other side of the Mississippi. Although the interior is dry and dark, it has a savory flavor sensation that is wholly desirable.

Comments: Jerry Lee’s is the place for boudin in Baton Rouge, it might not stack up to some of the finer links on the western side of the Mississippi, but it is a tasty link and folks in BR should be happy they have a decent boudin option.



Reviewed November 2006