JW’s Quality Meats and Smoke House in Breaux Bridge = A Rated Boudin



You’ll find them on the road that runs next to Wal-Mart.


The owner’s Mom and Dad help him man the store. This is “Mom” and she is busy cutting our stickers to give to our daughters —- How nice is that?!?!


Ambiance: The Acadian/American dream is alive and well here in Breaux Bridge at JW’s. Three generations of this family have, at one time or another, run meat shops in the region (from Cecelia to Lafayette) and now they’re back. While they’re best known for their deer processing prowess, a hearty selection of specialty meat items and custom meats are found in the cases but it is the smoked sausage and boudin that really seem to stand out.

Location: 544 Latiolais Rd., Breaux Bridge, LA 70517 (on a side street next to Wal-Mart) Phone: 337-442-1784

JW_Breaux_Bridge_5THE BOUDIN

Price: $3.49 per lb.

Presentation: Wrapped in foil with the ends twisted for security.

Casing: A decent casing more attuned to squeezing instead of eating.

Meat/Rice Ratio: Large quantities of quality meat fill this link.

Texture: Meaty, meaty, meaty, green oniony, and moist.

Spice: Medium heat

Overall Flavor: DELICIOUS!! We loved the prevalence of FRESH green onion and the great tasting pork meat. The link is of the “wet” variety and is packed with peppery and porky goodness..

Comments: Give JW’s a try. We’re certain you’ll enjoy this link.



This is the middle man of the 3 generation’s old boudin recipe they’re executing at JW’s. That’s one meaty link!

Reviewed February 2012