Le Blanc’s Cajun Boudin in St. Amant, LA = A Rated Boudin


Ambiance: I purchased it at this meat market, but it was not made here. This particular store, by the way, was colorful and fun.

Location: Sold in grocery stores and convienience stores along the “River Road” (between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. The product is acaully made in the little town of St. Amant, LA (44437 Highway 429) 70774.



The links being heated in a pan with an inch of boiling water. It only took about 4 minutes to heat them perfectly. Let them sit for a minute and a snappy casing will result.  

Price: Varies by location (approximately 2.99 lb.)

Presentation: In the vac bag or from the warmer (depending where you buy it).

Casing: A nice crisp casing if you let it sit for a minute or two after it comes out of the rice steamer or boiling water..

Meat/Rice Ratio: More rice than meat. Perhaps a 65/35 ratio.Boudin_LeBlancs3

Texture: A rubbery but moist texture. Some might say bouncy. It is hard to determine why a rubbery texture is present.. The rice (and meat for that matter) almost seem to have been put through a blender.


Spices: Mild but headed toward warm.

Overall Flavor: Initially the rubbery filling is off-putting, but the flavor of the rice and the meat (what there is) is quite delightful. The problem is that there are no discernable greens (onion, pepper, celery, parsley). They may be there, but you can’t distinguish them.

Comments: These are particularly long, thin, and white links. I suspect that there is little, or no, liver.


This LeBlanc’s was pruchased, but not made, at this grocery store in Donaldsonville, LA

Reviewed January 2008