Market Basket in Lake Charles, LA = A+ Rated Boudin


Not all Market Baskets are created equal. This one is unique in that it has a large smokehouse component.


Ahhh—The Smoked Link!!!!

Ambiance: A bustling grocery store staffed with friendly workers. Grocery shopping the way grocery shopping used to be.


This eager Boudin Dude will serve up your boudin.

Location: 4431 Nelson Rd., Lake Charles, LA 70605



The delicious regular link.


Notice the finely ground pork with plenty of rice.

Price: 2.89 lb.

Presentation: Gently plucked from a steamer and wrapped (some might say over-wrapped) in butcher paper.

Casing: Snappy.

Meat/Rice Ratio: Perhaps more rice than meat. Definitley Fair and Balanced though.

Texture: Long grains of perfectly cooked rice are enveloped in glorious bits of pulverized pork. A truly delightful texture.


Overall Flavor: Really delicious flavor. Porky, ricey goodness abounds. The link leaves you wanting more.

Comments: People line up for this stuff and you’ll understand why after your first bite. Not all Market Baskets are the same though. This is the one with a smoke house and this is the one making their own boudin.

The Smoked Boudin

Summary: Do not leave the Market Basket without trying their smoked boudin. It will change your life. Ask people in the store if they like the the smoked boudin and you’ll hear “Oh, you don’t understand. . . . . . .” and then they get tongue tied trying to explain the gloriousness of it. It is the same link as the regular recipe, then smoked. The smoking elevates everything about an already fantastic link. The casing is brittle, the interior is a little drier and a little spicier, and the flavor punch will knock you off your feet. You will find people literally clamoring for it at the back counter. A++


Look at that taught skin on the link of perfectly smoked boudin.

Reviewed January 2008