Mowata Store in Mowata, LA = A+ Rated Boudin


The Mowata Store has a new location and a great new building. You’ll love it! They moved the old Bubba Frey”s restaurant to a location just south of Eunice and it is now the store with lots of great products.

Location:  The Mowata Store is no longer in Mowata (2012), but is, instead, just south of Eunice on LA 13 (Eunice Hwy). 


The interior of the new Mowata Store is fantastic. It is all polished wood from ceiling to floor. A really great place with all sorts of awesome products.

Ambiance: On Louisiana State Highway 13 in the middle of the glorious Louisiana countryside. Rice paddies, crawfish ponds, and fenced fields filled with bovines surround you (see photo). The “store” is not much more than some refrigerator cases filled with cold drinks of all sorts, a nice collection of cast iron cook wear, and various “Mowata Store” brand sweet breads, preserves, roux, and jars of rendered hog lard (see photo). Yes, this is the place for all your hog lard needs. There is a serviceable lunch counter in the store and the staff will be happy to help you just as soon as they’ve finished their Marlboro. Next-door is Bubba Frey’s Restaurant.


Pork Boudin

Cost: #3.59 lb ($2.89 lb in 2005)

Presentation: A heaping link pulled from the warmer, wrapped in thick butcher paper and effortlessly rung up at the register. Eat it there or drive away.

Casing: Sinewy. Not excellent

Rice/Meat Ratio: More rice than meat. Meat in bits. Rice is “full grain” (unbroken).

Texture: Full grains of tender rice are mixed in a rich concoction of chunky pork meat and fat, and crisp green onions and other ingredients. This is a juicy boudin, but the “juice” comes across on the palate more like gravy. The overall texture of the product makes it seem like it would be more appropriate to be eaten from a bowl, with a spoon, instead of from a casing.


A super friendly worker will serve your link up at the back counter.

Spices: Medium.

Overall Taste: Tasty indeed. This will sound odd, but the juice of the boudin is like gravy and, in some ways, is like Stroganoff gravy. The tiny chunks of meat and fat are nice and the rice is unadulterated and tasty.

Comments: This is link unlike any other. If you find yourself on the highway to Eunice, it is definitely worth a stop. Eat right inside the store at the tables provided or drive away. It might not be what many think of as a “classic link” but it is a testament to the diversity of boudin making in South Louisiana. Yum. People frequently ask us what our favorite link is and we always say that this one is right up there at the top of the list.

Hog Lard Roux

There aren’t many places where you can buy hog lard roux, but the Mowata Store is one of them.



Mowatainside Mowataoutside


Reviewed on August 5, 2005