Rabideaux’s Quik Mart in Iowa, LA = A Rated Boudin


Ambiance: A sprawling building a little off the Interstate in Iowa, LA. The place seems to have expanded as the years have gone by and success demanded more services. It is very popular. Apparently, success has also brought some parking complications. There are no less than 8 instructional parking signs present outside the building. Inside is a nice seating area and a full case of smoked sausages to tempt the palette.


Location: Iowa, LA


Rabideauxs3Price: $2.98 lb

Presentation: Heavy duty foil wrapping with the link also wrapped in wax paper. Wow!

Casing: Thin and crisp. A delight.

Meat/Rice Ratio: More rice than meat, but plenty of meat to satisfy the carnivore in you.

Texture: A nicely pulverized interior filling which is not too dry and not too moist. Goldilocks would be happy.

Overall Flavor: Quality pork and a hint of liver give this truly massive link a delicious blend of flavors. It has a slight sweet smell to it (liver?) and a wonderful light color. Very satisfying.

Comments: Rabideaux’s has been expanding on their very desirable smoked sausage line which is available in stores throughout Cajun Country. Give this link a try and be sure to sample some of the other delicacies they offer. Particularly interesting was the fried corn on the cob (right) and the fired chicken livers. Oh, and the best looking Boudin balls between Duscon and Lake the Texas boarder.



Boudin Balls? Yes Please!!!


Reviewed February 2008