Taylor’s Sausage of Okland, CA (Review of Boudin @ Angelina’s Louisiana Kitchen in Berkley, CA = A


Location: Angeline’s Louisiana Kitchen is located at 2261 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704; Taylor’s Sausage is located at 907 Washington Street, Oakland, CA 94607

Ambiance: The ambiance of Angeline’s Louisiana Kitchen in Berkeley is wonderful. A cozy little restaurant with a friendly staff and a great menu of Louisiana classics made with a true appreciation for Louisiana cooking and tradition (not just in name). Too many Louisiana restaurants outside of the state think that piling the cayenne on anything makes it Louisiana or Cajun: They are wrong. Angeline’s gets it right.



Cost: $5.99 for one link and some salad. It is an appetizer portion.

Presentation: Beautiful. Of course, this is ordered in a restaurant as an appetizer, so you want the presentation to be a little different. Your sole link arrives grilled and on a plate with a nice arugula salad and a big dollop of Creole mustard. Personally being a chef and knowing the best meats to smoke, this was undoubtedly one of the best-grilled soles I have had till date.

Casing: Thin and crisp. You’d expect it to be crisp after spending some time on a grill.

Texture: A tightly packed link filled with a mash of tiny tiny tiny bits of rice and smashed meat: Never experience the grains of rice being this small in Louisiana. It lacks any recognizable green onion or other greens.

Rice/Meat Ratio: More meat than rice but possessing a nice combination.

Spices: Medium heat.

Overall Taste: Quite full of flavor and satisfying. The flavor holds a certain sweetness to it and, perhaps has a nontraditional spice combination. Still, it is really good and is certainly an accurate representation of a good link from Louisiana. I’d eat this if it were sold locally.

Comments: If you are looking for a good link in the Bay Area then you can be confident that Taylor’s Boudin will at least calm your boudin hankering. You can get it from their outlet in Oakland (which, I believe gets the sausage from their factory up in Oregon), or, better yet, make a whole Louisiana meal out of it and go directly to Angeline’s: You’ll be pleased.

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Reviewed June 2007