Tiny Pruhomme’s House of Meat in Broussard, LA = A- Rated Boudin

 !!! NOW CLOSED !!!Ts2  Location: 416 N. Morgan, Broussard, LA


Ambiance: In an old fast-food restaurant this specialty meat shop sells all types of homemade Cajun delicacies. It is kind of homey with a t.v. on in the front seating. In the middle of the house is a display selling everything a person would need to have a bbq or make a gumbo. It is kind of a one-stop-shop for someone who is putting on a backyard BBQ (meat, charcoal, beans, ketchup . . . . . ). They also serve plate lunches and if the wonderful smoky aroma wafting through the parking lot is any indication the grilled or BBQed foods must be spectacular. Chat up Tiny, a real straight shooter, if he’s around.



Price: $3.19 lb.

Presentation: From behind the counter it will be pulled from a warmer and wrapped in butcher paper.

Casing: You can hear it snap as it breaks against the pressure of your incisors.

Texture: Full grains of rice intermingling with large chunks of pork and well cooked green onion tops. The filling is neither loose nor packed. It is held together with plenty, but not too much, juice.

Rice/Meat Ratio: A perfect ratio. Equal amounts of rice and meat.

Spices: Mild .

Overall Taste: Unique. Tiny does not include any liver in his boudin product so that, sometimes powerful, taste is not present. It is a delectable link with a nice dark color and a hearty feel to it: More like a meal than a snack. You can taste the care with which this link is crafted.

Comments: Tiny tells us that he wanted to make a link unlike every other link around. For example, that’s why he didn’t include the liver. He’s succeeded in his quest to make a good link and should be commended for opening up his house of meat. Tiny’s wife also makes a delicious and spicy seafood boudin (crawfish and shrimp) which is certain to have appeal well beyond the Lenten season.



Reviewed on 1-27-06