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This project sprang from two friends’ commitment to enjoying the subtle differences found in all the boudin of South Louisiana. Early each Saturday morning they ventured out in one or the other’s car, usually with the boudin hound in the back, eagerly anticipating their early morning link. Today, Dr. Boudin can be found driving the back roads of Louisiana, ever in search of a new link, with his family and his trusty Rhodesian Ridgebacks. The analysis of the various links of boudin is based on experience and passion.

– This site and the information it contains is the work of Robert Carriker (aka, Dr. Boudin). A non-native Louisianan, he came to call Louisiana home in 1997 and quickly began surveying and studying the regional cuisine. In 2004, he began BoudinLink.com, the premier website for taste testing and rating all the links in Louisiana and beyond. As a result of his boudin investigations, he has sampled over 170 different links from Louisiana to Florida, Wisconsin, Idaho, California, Arizona, Texas and places in between. He is recognized as the premier expert on boudin and his work has been featured across the country in newspapers, television, and magazines. Carriker has written articles on boudin for Louisiana Living and Acadian Profile, he wrote the brochure “The Cajun Boudin Trail,” he’s a contributor to the Southern Foodway’s Alliance, and his research and insights were the foundation for the SFA’s traveling exhibit on boudin. He’s consulted with the Southern Food and Beverage Museum on exhibits and the Lake Charles Visitor’s Bureau for their brochure on boudin. He recently authored the first book on boudin titled Boudin: A Guide to Louisiana’s Extraordinary Link from the UL Press.LinksterPic

In addition to BoudinLink.com and BoudinCapitaloftheWorld.com, Carriker runs the Cajun Boudin Trail and the Cracklin Trail. He is the founder of Lafayette’s Boudin Cook-Off, an annual celebration of boudin held each October in Lafayette. The Boudin Cook-Off was recently listed as one of the top ten best food festivals in America in an article in Gourmet Magazine Live. Dr. Boudin lives in Lafayette with his wife and two daughters.

The Boudin Link strives to provide fair and accurate reviews of all the boudin that it encounters. The vision for the site was to provide some guidance on finding good links across Louisiana and beyond. That vision remains as the driving force behind the site.

The road ahead is still filled with tasty links. Some people get to drive to them. Some people have to have them shipped. Let’s celebrate boudin!!