Acadiana Harvest in Carencro, LA = B Rated Boudin


Aharvestinside2 Aharvestoutside

Location: 917 W. Gloria Switch Rd., Carencro, LA

Ambiance: A new, barn-like structure with a Spartan interior. Selling certified Louisiana beef and farm fresh veggies, this is a great stop for your dinner/bbq needs. Check them out for plate lunches too. Friendly and sluggish workers will give you a friendly smile and a tip of the hat (if they were to have hats on).



Price: 2.99 lb

Presentation: Plucked from a rice cooker right before your eyes and flopped on a scale for weighing. (waxed paper and butcher paper wrapped)

Casing: Lithe. Not firm.

Rice/Meat Ratio: Equal amounts of rice and meat.

Texture: Mashed. Rice and meat are indistinguishable from one another in a lot of the link. Summarized: Soggy.

Spice: Hot! Hot! Hot! (Too hot?)

Overall Taste: A distinct cayenne taste. Not an underlying heat, but a cayenne taste. Not a bad tasting link, but with a mushy interior and a lot of heat it lacks some of the meaty taste we often crave.

Comments: When asked the key to making their boudin good, each of the counter workers initially responded with an “I don’t know.” On the day we were here there was a bull that had died in the cattle yard across the street. Some cowboys were loading the carcass into a trailer. Can’t promise such a show every time, but keep your eyes open for interesting “going’s on.”


Reviewed on 6/24/06