Bergeron’s Speciatly Meats in Port Allen, LA = B+ Boudin and Boudin Ball

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Ambiance: Make sure you get here before 2:00 (on Saturdays) or you’ll only be able to enjoy the ambiance from the parking lot. Inside you’ll find a fine meat market with stuffed and season meats galore. They have delicious sounding plate lunches and fine selection of meat and crawfish pies. Overall it is a great stop in Port Allen. They also now have a large dining area with a large array of plate lunches, poboys, sandwiches, and hamburgers.

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Location: 760 Highway 415, Port Allen, LA 70767


BergeronsII2Price: $2.99 lb. ($3.19 as of November 2009)

Presentation: Pulled from a refrigerator case and heated in the microwave then wrapped in white butcher paper. The second time I got it in the restaurant where it was piping hot in a warmer at the front counter. The boudin, ball sat in a warming zone.

Casing: Kind of tough. Good for squeezing. Not so good for biting.

Rice/Meat Ratio: More rice than meat.

Texture: A dryish mash of rice surrounds small pieces of slow-cooked pork. The pork pieces are whole (intact) while the rice is roughly minced. The greens are hardly noticeable. This time I notice that there are some medium sized chunks of pork and many small pieces of shredded pork. The pork is tender and juicy as you would expect your pork to come out if you’d braised it for a while.

Spice: Mild/Medium

Overall Taste: Slightly bland and a little too dark. I thought that it might be red boudin when I first opened it up. There is a dark and quite delicious gravy that is, essentially, the defining component of this link.

Comments: Bergeron’s hours are not conducive to an “anytime” link fix. On Saturday they are only open til 2:00 (even on LSU game days!). Still, if you do find yourself in Port Allen, on your way to or from Baton Rouge, you might want to give them a shot. Heck the meat pies alone looked and smelled fantastic and they have a whole range of plate lunches. They’re certainly a better option than a flimsy fast-food burger. The cracklin were good, if a touch bland. This really is a delicious link. The unique gravy and braised style pork almost make it a link in a class by itself.


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Reviewed November 2009