Best Stop Grocery – Scott, LA = B Rated Boudin


Location: 615 Highway 93 N., Scott, LA 70583. The Best Stop is along a two lane highway in the Louisiana countryside.

Ambiance: The Best Stop is a country convenience store and meat shop which makes its own smoked sausages and sells a variety of meats, poultry, and cracklins.  The owner’s home sits next to the property. It is an extremely popular place for boudin and cracklins and there is usually a small line of people waiting to be served.  The folks who work behind the counter are mostly friendly and helpful.  They are also a decidedly young group of workers.  They sell other products like stuffed beef tongue, chaudin (pork stomach stuffed w/pork meat) marinated rabbit, and other specialties.  The Best Stop makes about 1,000 pounds of boudin each day!


Cost: $3.69 lb.

Presentation: The standard presentation: wrapped in a piece of butcher paper provided with some paper towels.

Casing: A moist casing verging on stringiness.

Rice/Meat Ratio: More meat than rice, accounting for a well balanced boudin.

Texture: On the chunky side with medium sized bits of pork. The rice and pork are clearly differentiated from one another. Smaller than average bits of green onion throughout. More moist than other boudins.

Best Stop Boudin from Scott Louisiana

Spices: Subtle/mild spice.

Overall Taste: This boudin emits a mild smoky flavor not usually found in boudin. It is a fine boudin. It is distinctly “porky” and has a juiciness about it.

Comments: The short drive from Lafayette might be worth it for this interesting link. Be sure to make it the extra mile down the road for a link at Romero’s Grocery. After receiving feedback from readers and checking back a couple of times, we decided that we had to adjust the grade.  Go here for a review of their cracklin.

Inside the Best Stop in Scott

Classic Cajun Grocery Store The Best Stop in Scott Famous Boudin and Sausage


Reviewed on 2-7-04