Boudain Hut in Port Arthur, TX = B- Rated Boudin

Boudain_Hut7Location: 5714 Gulfway Dr., Port Arthur, TX.

Ambiance: There are a lot of comments to be made: This place is first and foremost a bar. The addition of a door and then a window inside the very small entryway for ordering food was clearly an afterthought to serve the walk-in “crowd” a quick meal of gumbo, crawfish pies, hot dogs, boudain, and so on and so on. It is a little odd to go in and order from the window and the whole experience is peculiar to the first-timer. A little odd. A little intimidating. A little bit of Port Arthur.

THE BOUDINĀ Boudain_Hut6

Price: $2.49lb

Presentation: Order at the window inside the front/back door and it’ll be wrapped in a nice sheet of foil.

Casing: Rubbery, but not too rubbery. Eventually it will snap off with enough incisor pressure.

Rice to Meat Ratio: More rice than meat: Significantly more rice than meat.

Texture: The stubby links are tied off on each end and packed with a mushy with a combination of regular sized kernels of rice and tiny bits of rice. The meat is pulverized/ground. The green onion and parsley component it high, but not too much.

Spices: Mild/Boring

Overall Taste: Uninteresting.

Comments: They serve the boudain with, of all things, mustard packets: Mustard!?




Reviewed January 2007