BOUDIN & CRACKLINS Express in Henderson, LA = B+ Rated Boudin

Boudin_Express2  Boudin_Express6

Ambiance: This clean establishment has the feel of a gift shop. They sell an abundance of Cajun spices and packaged food products as well as some cooking vessels along with a few hot food items and one freezer case of frozen sausages, smoked meats, and such. Still, even though the place is gift shoppe, they are using a 50 year old family recipe for their boudin.


Location: 3210 Grand Point Hwy, Henderson, LA (just north of the Intestate).



Price: $419 lb or $2.19 by the link.

Presentation: Ready to go in large warmers your link will be prepared by the kind and happy woman behind the counter (see photo).

Casing: A thin and virtually unbreakable casing.

Meat/Rice Ratio: More rice than meat in this lightly colored link.

Texture: Wet and loose.

Spice: HOT!!!

Overall Flavor: The mushiness of the filing is offset by some crisp bits of onion (nice) and though rice plays a major role in the link’s flavor, there is more meat than meets the eye. A satisfying link that is a little too heavy on the heat.


Comments: There is another place just 75 yards away called the “Boudin Shop” (or Chicken on the Bayou) and they NEVER seem to be open. Thankfully Boudin & Cracklins Express have joined the boudin fray here in Henderson and locals and visitors alike will benefit. Give it a try. . . . . . oh, and they have a drive-through window for convenient boudinin’.


Reviewed May 2010