Boudin King (Cajun Way) in Crowley, LA = B Rated Boudin


Location: 1805 Parkers Ave ., Crowley, LA 70526

Ambiance: A cute and cozy shack that houses the self titled “Boudin King” and Cajun Way restaurant. A fun crew is in the kitchen, scurrying about and trying their best, to turn out the delicious food items on the menu. Check them out.



Price: $3.16 lb.

Presentation: After lots of commotion back in the kitchen, which seems to include taking the links from a steamer, they are wrapped in butcher paper and rung up.

Casing: A good casing but not an excellent casing.

Rice/Meat Ratio: Rice, rice, baby! Lots of RICE. More RICE than meat.

Texture: Ricey and DRY. Bone dry with limited amounts of pulverized pork and the odd speck of green onion.

Spices: The “Spicy” variety is Medium. The “Mild” variety is mild.

Overall Taste: Not bad tasting, but lacking in the area of porky panache desired by many boudin connoisseurs. It has a pleasant taste and, since it is heavy on the rice, it provides a lighter (in terms of calories/fat) boudin eating experience. You wont find any grease here and that may be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you look at it.


Comments: It is very important to remember that Crowley is the “Rice Capital of America.” So, if the boudin at the Boudin King seems to have a lot of rice in it . . . . . well . . . . . . . . Still, if you call yourself the Boudin King, the links you make better be top notch. In Crowley this link stands as a decent culinary expression. One problem: Forget about incorporating the Boudin King into an early morning boudin run: Since they function as a “restaurant” they don’t open until later.