Bruce’s U-Need-A Butcher in Lafayette, LA = B Rated Boudin

Brucesoutside   Location: 713 Surrey Street, Lafayette, LA

Ambiance: A small corner store that has been serving butchered meats for decades. With bars on the windows and front door this can be an intimidating place. However, once inside the warm and welcoming staff will accommodate your every need. They prepare a wide range of interesting meat products including stuffed turkey wings and tripe. The meat case is well stocked with American meat and you’ll get free rice if you buy one of their meat bundles.



Cost: $2.89 lb.

Presentation: Wrapped in a piece of butcher paper: juices leaking from the sides.

Casing: A decent, firm, and breakable casing.

Rice/Meat Ratio: More meat than rice.

Texture: Moist and juicy with ground and meaty pieces of pork. The filling is loose inside the casing.

Spices: Medium/Hot.


Overall Taste: A great link. Plenty of juice and plenty of pork. This link has less onion than others. The rice is perfectly cooked: firm and flavorful. The color of this link is distinctive with a redish/orangish tint. An almost indiscernible lack of salt or other spice detracts only a little from the overall taste.

Comments: Bruce’s You Need A Butcher is a classic stop. It is not pretentious and its rough exterior surroundings belie a friendly and accommodating establishment.


Reviewed on 4-24-04