Burt’s Meat Market in Houston – BEEF BOUDAIN = B Rated


Burt’s on a rainy Saturday afternoon.


The look of the large link is virtually the same as their regular link, but there is more meat and the meat is (as you’d expect) darker.

Ambiance: Very close to the downtown area, Burt’s is a poplar neighborhood place and folks in line tell me that it draws people from all over Houston. I believe it. Burt’s has been in operation since the 1940s so they’re clearly doing things right. The inside is well-worn, in a good way, and the staff is friendly.

Location: 5910 Lyons Ave., Houston, TX 77020


The chunk of animal protein on the left is mostly gristle . . . . . though most of the meat in the link is tender bits/chunks.


To see the review of Burt’s regular boudain click HERE.

Price: $2.99 lb. (more than a dollar more than the pork boudin)

Presentation: Get it at the meat counter where they’ll wrap it up tight in a generous portion of butcher paper.

Casing: The casing is thin and brittle.

Meat/Rice Ratio: Large amounts of rice. Probably 70% — which is significantly more meat than their regular pork boudin.

Texture: Dry, dry, dry. When the casing is opened the filling is loose and spills out.

Spice: Medium

Overall Flavor: The rice is well cooked and sets the link up as a decent offering. The first bite is ripe with black pepper. Not too much, but the black pepper taste is pronounced. The beef is in small bits and chunks and there are little bits of gristle here and there. The flavor is really pretty good, but I’m not sure I’d even know it was beef if they didn’t label it as such. I’m not sure if that says more about my pallet or about their recipe. ?

Comments: They told me that the recipe is the same as the one they use for the pork boudain, but it has lots more meat and a lot more of a black pepper flavor. This was my first encounter with a “beef boudin” and I have misgivings about the whole idea. Even so, I think I’d like it to be a little more distinct.


Reviewed January 2011