Burt’s Meat Market in Houston, TX = B Rated BOUDAIN


The “hot” links of boudin have a totally different color and a huge punch of heat.


Ambiance: Very close to the downtown area, Burt’s is a poplar neighborhood place and folks in line tell me that it draws people from all over Houston. I believe it. Burt’s has been in operation since the 1940s so they’re clearly doing things right. The inside is well-worn, in a good way, and the staff is friendly.

Location: 5910 Lyons Ave., Houston, TX 77020


Each link is nearly a full pound and the two ends are joined together. Yes. It is that white.


The links await you in the hot food section. Or, you can buy them cold (and for less money) at the meat counter.

THE BOUDIN (BOUDAIN) – Regular and Hot

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Price: $1.89 lb from the meat case and $3.29 a link (nearly a pound) from the hot food counter.

Presentation: Wrapped up tight in a generous portion of butcher paper.

Casing: The casing is thin and brittle as it has been in the heating area for the hot foods for a spell.

Meat/Rice Ratio: Tremendous amounts of rice. Tiny portions of meat. Perhaps 87/13

Texture: The texture of this massive link is dominated by the rice. The rice is well cooked, but the filling is on the dry side. The meat that can be found is in little chunks and there are lots of green onions.


This link has LOTS of rice.

Spice: The mild is “mild” (surprise surprise) and the Spicy is HOT!

Overall Flavor: There is a subtle smoky flavor to the link. Or, perhaps it was heated on a grill? Additionally, there is a pronounced parsley and black pepper flavor. Overall the flavors are good, but it is the imbalance of meat and rice that holds this link back. The “hot” link adds more flavor, but it is not a balanced flavor (as sometimes happens when one seeks to only heat things up).


Interior of the “hot” boudin (boudain) from Burt’s in Houston.

Comments: The price is a bargain (but that is because of the sheer amount of rice). The hot foods looked great and the prices were right. I’ll bet the place is a great lunch stop (though there is no indoor seating).


Check out these bad boys: bacon wrapped jalapenos AND sausage! Oh My!


The GIANT stuffed potatoes looked especially tasty.


Reviewed December 2010